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If Public speaking sends shivers down your spine, ToastMasters can help you overcome that fear.

If you have ever desired any of the following

  • To have a safe environment where one can improve my public speaking.
  • The need to improve one’s confidence before an audience.
  • If you feel that your speeches are bland and dull, learn how to inject some passion?
  • One would like to become an effective communicator.
  • Even to make a living from public speaking.

If any of this sound familiar, we at Dunfermline ToastMasters can help. We are a public speaking club that is affiliated with Toastmasters International, a non-profit organisation. There are more than 11,000 affiliated clubs worldwide with over 215,000 members. Our objective is to provide a supportive environment for people to practise and improve their public speaking, communication and leadership skills.

Come along!

ToastMastersDunfermline ToastMasters is a not-for-profit club which is dedicated to fostering excellence in public speaking skills for the widest possible audience. We firmly believe that the ability to speak confidently in front of an audience can lead to enhanced opportunities in terms of an individual’s social and professional life.

ToastMasters the organisation has more than 313,000 members in 126 countries, through its over 14,650 member clubs.

Toastmaster members belong to local clubs, which generally have between 10 and 40 members, with 20 members being a typical size. The local clubs meet on a regular basis for members to practice various skills useful in public speaking, including giving speeches, speaking off the cuff, listening, and providing each other with feedback and evaluation.

Some clubs meet monthly, some meet twice a month, and some meet weekly. We meet every two weeks on a Thursday evening.

Membership is open to all people ages 18 and above wishing to improve their communications and leadership skills.

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