Club Meetings

Guests are welcome to attend any club meeting. We recommend you contact the club in advance so we can expect your arrival, either through Eventbrite, our club email address or our social media accounts, however feel free to just turn up on the evening!

When do we meet?

We meet every two weeks on a Thursday evening. Meetings start at 19:00 and finish at 21:00, with opportunities for attendees to socialise before, after and during the break.

Where do we meet?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently meeting on the online meeting software Zoom. When circumstances allow, we will be moving to our new venue:

Queen Anne High School Community Use, Broomhead Park, Dunfermline, Fife, KY12 0PQ

What can I expect?

Our club meetings follow an agenda to ensure the evening runs smoothly. Please see an example of a typical meeting agenda below.

Meeting Roles

Every club meeting has a number of meeting roles that members can fill, to help ensure the evening is enjoyable and runs smoothly. You can find more information about each role on our Key Meeting Roles page.

Prepared Speeches

Members can book in advance to deliver a speech at a club meeting, and there are usually 3 speech slots available. The speeches that members deliver will be part of their Pathway Education Programme, and they will have certain requirements they have to meet, for example, researching and presenting on an unfamiliar topic. The duration of each speech will depend on how far into the pathway the speaker is.

Club Business

Before the break, the Executive Committee will provide an update on the work that the club officers are currently working on. This may include key dates for members, upcoming club events, and work in the community.

Table Topics

This part of the meeting allows attendees to develop impromptu speaking, and practice organising their thoughts when put on the spot. They will be given a topic or question to speak about for 1-2 minutes with no preparation. This part of the meeting is a great opportunity to practice for job interviews, or occasions at work where you may be required to speak with little or no preparation. Guests will be asked if they want to participate in Table Topics, this is entirely optional and you won’t be forced to take part if you don’t want to.

To see all of the above in action, have a look at the below video: