Club Meeting 31-Aug-2017

Wow – what a whirlwind of a meeting…

From a shambolic start because the Conference Centre was (unexpectedly) not open when we arrived, to the Holiday Inn Express accommodating us at the 11th hour (life-savers!) and us starting 15 minutes late – it turned into a Toasties symphony!

We were delighted to welcome back much-loved founding member Alex, for her last speech before true jetsetting commences (we look forward to live streaming from Chiang Mai!); and our amazing first-time guests Clare, Jayne & Hanson who helped make the evening magical!

Jacob tamed the “monster of time” masterfully as Time Keeper, and actually got us back on track to finish on time despite the late start. And Wynn, Lesley-Ann & James had us in stitches with their speeches, witty reparte & Table Topic themes.

We also welcomed our newest member Hazel, who officially joined last week, and Jayne loved it so much she signed up on the spot too!

It was an evening of fun, frivolity & focus – with a wonderful group of people. *Proud to be a Toastie*

Please note: We start promptly at 7pm, so ask that all guests arrive for 6:45pm.

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