Why Should I Join?

Public speaking is a common fear shared by many people. Dunfermline Toastmasters provides an environment where you can safely practice and develop your speaking and leadership skills. Whether you want to advance your career, improve your interview skills, or gain confidence, Toastmasters provides it’s members with a wide range of benefits that will help you to achieve your goals.


Gain confidence in public speaking

Members have a wide range of opportunities to speak at club meetings. They can choose to deliver a prepared speech, take part in Table Topics to improve their impromptu speaking, or conduct a meeting role. Each of these opportunities provide members with a chance to practice speaking in front of an audience, within a supportive and encouraging environment.

Enhance your presentation abilities

Toastmasters provides it’s members with an internationally recognised education programme called Pathways. By working through a Pathway of your choice, you will learn how to structure presentations, use different communication styles, use effective visual aids, and much more valuable information which you can put into practice through your speeches. 

Make your speeches more effective

A key part of every Toastmasters meeting is evaluating speeches. When a member delivers a prepared speech, the audience will provide written feedback to identify strengths and areas of improvement. This feedback will allow you to develop your speaking abilities.

The Pathways education programme also provides information and resources that will allow you to deliver effective and impactful speeches.

Develop your leadership skills

Every Toastmasters club is run by the members themselves, led by the club’s Executive Committee. There are 7 positions available within the committee, which members can nominate themselves for through club elections each year. Roles include:

  • Club President
  • Vice President of Education
  • Vice President of Membership
  • Vice President of Public Relations
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Sergeant at Arms

These roles allow members to develop leadership skills which can be applied into both personal and professional areas of life. There are also opportunities to develop this further through Area, Division and District roles.

The Pathways education programme also teaches a wide range of leadership skills, which can be put into practice through Committee roles.

Achieve personal and professional goals

Everyone joins Toastmasters for their own reasons. Whatever your goals are, the opportunities to develop your communication, public speaking and leadership skills at club meetings, will equip you with the skills you need to achieve them, and give you confidence in all areas of life.

Develop fluency in a language

Toastmasters International has a network of clubs worldwide in 145 different countries. Once you become a member, you can visit other clubs for free and take out a dual membership if you wish.

International clubs may speak in the language spoken in that country at club meetings, therefore there are opportunities to develop fluency in another language.

Network and build a new social circle

At club meetings there are opportunities to meet and network with new people who come from many different professions. Everyone at Toastmasters is working towards their own goals, so you will be surrounded by likeminded people who will support you to reach your own.